Offices are outdated

Offices are outdated

Offices are like ties, they are old school.  They used to be the the thing to have in order to show that you were of a certain stature. Everyone had them but in reality they weren’t really useful as they served no real purchase.  I am talking offices here and not ties. When you think […]

Battery Devices vs Mains Electric?

Battery Vacuum

It’s all the age to have a battery operated vacuum and lawnmowers (no cords) but do these devices actually save you money? Well the quick answer is NO!  They make vacuuming or grass cutting easier simply because you don’t have to skip over the cord, but they don’t make it any cheaper.  The reason for […]

Advantages of Portable Power Banks

Portable Power

What is a “Portable Power Bank” and why should I have one? Portable power banks are basically an external battery that allows you to charge your electricity powered devices if they lose power in a location that is miles away from electricity socket.  This is great if you are in the Sahara desert where there […]

Save on your energy bills

Save money on your energy bills

How do you save money on your energy bills without having to spend a single penny? Well the answer is quite simple.  You start by knowing what type of energy you use, in what quantities and at what cost. This information is available on your energy bill(s).  On the bill(s) you will see how much […]