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Do you walk around your home turning off lights or switching off TVs, or computers that have been left on in empty rooms.  How annoying is this?

Well the sad fact is that around 20% of all energy use whether in the home or at work is due simply to 20% of the people you know not turning things off when they no longer need the thing they have been using.  Every day I see energy being wasted whether it is the kids leaving their tech on in the house, or work colleagues leaving monitors and computers on when they head off for lunch, or worse, head off home for the day.

Now turning something off is fairly simple but it would appear that is not in everyones nature to click a switch off. It is kind of like throwing aluminium cans into the general waste, easier to do that than looking for a recycling bin.  So how do you address the 20% waste problem that is caused by 20% of the people around you?

There are two choices, the first is that you try and educate the people that are wasting the energy to see the error of their ways. To try and actually change their bad habits.  This is the best solution BUT is the one that is most difficult to achieve because who wants to be told to turn something off.

The second and probably the most achievable form of action to reduce energy waste is to simply install technology that will allow you to do what they should be doing which is to turn of their tech when not required.  Kind of remote control whereby you have the on/ off switch.

The way to achieve this is via smart plugs and/or smart extension sockets which are readily available on  Amazon or ebay


If you are like me you have loads of plugs plugged into an extension lead. The reason is you simply have so much tech that you need to have an extension leads to deal with all of the demand. The good news is that this simple device will allow you to take control of when things are switch off and therefore could save you a small fortune.

Consider the scenario whereby you are at home and every night you lie in bed wondering if the red LED is glowing red on the TV and satellite box simply because your kids have decided to used the remote control to switch them off rather than turn them off at the wall.  With a smart extension lead you simply click a button on your phone and off goes the TV, Satellite, Chrome Cast and Now TV.  Energy saved, money saved and if kids are still up, you have achieve an appropriate level of annoyance which says that mum or dad isn’t as tech phobic as they thought.

Next consider work.  As you go to leave the office you notice printers left on, monitors glowing white, screen savers bouncing around.  You pull out your phone and ‘click’.  You have save a fortune in energy.  No printers left on at night, no tech left on over the weekend.  You employer are extant as you have again saved them a small fortune.  Better still, if you own the company you have saved yourself a small fortune.

How much can you save using smart extension leads or plugs?  Well the answer is that depends on what tech is connected to those extension leads or plugs.  However, of you assume you buy a 4 plug extension lead and 2 out of the 4 people insist on leaving their computers on 24/7 then over a year you would have saved around £200 simply by switching off the power to these computers when not required.  The payback in this case is less than 2 months.

Are they worth purchasing?  The answer is YES if you know that your kids or work colleagues are in the habit of leaving things on.

If you can’t beat them then join them, as the saying goes.  So if you can’t persuade people around you to turn off their tech (#turnoffyourtech) then why not use more tech to do exactly that!

I am away to buy more smart extension leads.



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